Bio-Pulses are precise electromagnetic pulses of Fibonacci number derived Rife, Solfeggio and brainwave wellness frequencies delivered in ultradian sequences. Our bodies run a daily cycle called the Circadian Rhythm. This 24 hour cycle is comprised of shorter ultradian rhythms such as our sleep cycles. During the day we have natural cycles of increased energy and activity followed by decreased energy and activities and needs to relax.

The Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN), located just above the optic chiasm on the midline of the brain, is our body’s master clock. While the SCN is only the size of a grain of rice, the neuronal and hormonal activities it generates helps to regulate many critical body functions over a 24 hour period. Strong forms of EMR can affect this sensitive organ and disrupt the body’s essential biological processes. Bio-Pulses help to re-entrain the SCN to keep it running on time with ultradian time queuing signals and mitigate unhealthy EMR from man-made and natural sources, including coronal discharges and changes in the earth’s magnetic fields.

Bio-Pulse will not interfere with electronic devices or erase magnetic strips or other magnetic media. You can hear Bio-Pulses by wearing a headphone (not earbuds) and placing the sacred geometry design on the back of the instrument directly against the back of the headphone on your ear. Bio-Pulses couple with the coil in the headphones to cause a slight clicking sound to be heard. Bio-Pulses will not interfere with aircraft operation or radio navigation, or interfere with personal electronic devices.